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4 Must Read Heat Pump Facts

4 Must Read Heat Pump Facts

Here in Houston and the surrounding areas, we mostly use heat pumps. Heat pump facts can be hard to come by, which is why we have curated a few of the more important below for your review.

1. A Heat Pump Also Cools

Despite its name, heat pumps also are used to cool residences, businesses, and more. Additionally, they can also create heat. They do this by making hot air cold and cycling into the building. Alternately, they can also make cold air hot in the winter while sending the cold air out of the property.

2. Heat Pump Installation is Easy

Heat pumps are very popular machines, especially in Houston. They are appealing to many home builders and land developers because they are easy to install, as HVAC systems go. They run on electricity, which is already run into your home or business. As a result, there is no extra utility costs to have a natural gas line or other installed. Heat pumps also do not require a masonry chimney as other heaters do. They also tend to be more safe than furnaces and boilers, especially in the case of carbon monoxide. However, we recommend you get a carbon monoxide detector and place near whatever type of heating system you have.

Although heat pumps are easy to install on the spectrum, they are still difficult and complex pieces of machinery. You should only hire licensed and insured professionals for your heat pump installation.

3. Heat Pumps are Energy Efficiency

The advanced design allows heat pumps to be more energy efficient than other, outdated HVAC systems. In fact, the Department of Energy has said that for moderate climates “heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners.” In fact, a new heat pump can reduce electricity usage when heating by about 50% when compared to furnaces and baseboard heaters.

4. Heat Pumps Come in 3 Types

Heat pumps are designed for various needs and uses. Your options include:

  1. Air Source Heat Pump – This is the most common type of heat pump found in homes and smaller businesses. They have been used for many years around the nation. However, they were not used in areas with large patches of sub-zero temperatures. As a result, heat pumps have recently been designed to withstand subfreezing temperatures and is a legitimate alternative in colder regions.
  2. Water Source Heat Pump – Also sometimes called geothermal, these pumps works by using the hot or cold from the ground to heat or cool your property. They cost more to install but are more energy efficient than the air source counterparts. Water source heat pumps can be advantageous in the right region with the right make and model.
  3. Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump – This type of pump is useful for add-ons. They work without tying into your existing HVAC system. In addition, they use their own ductwork and power source.

Heat Pump Installation in Houston Texas

Feel free to contact us if you need help selecting, installing, or servicing a heat pump in Houston, Pasadena, or the surrounding areas.

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