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AC Repair

At Got Flow Air Conditioning, we understand the need to have a quality air conditioner repair in HoustonPearland, Seabrook, Webster, and the surrounding areas, before the summer heatwave hits. We have expert air conditioning specialists ready to repair your system fast restoring the ultimate indoor home comfort all summer long.

Common Air Conditioning Issues Requiring Repairs

  • Air Conditioning Does Not Turn On – If your air conditioning is not turning on, check the thermostat. Sometimes, battery replacement is all that is needed. The breakers could also be affected, and simply resetting the circuit may help solve the issue. If the thermostat is set properly, has fresh batteries, and the breaker box is not the issue, it is time to call for a professional air conditioning repair in Houston, and the surrounding areas, for proper diagnosis.
  • Restricted Airflow – Poor or restricted airflow could also be a relatively simple repair. Dirty and clogged filters can cause the system to work harder and reduce cool air flow. Make sure to change or clean air conditioning filters annually, or even quarterly for homes with pets. A leaking duct can also be the cause of poor airflow, or in more serious cases, it could indicate the compressor may be failing. If the unit is 10 plus years old, a diagnosis may be necessary.
  • Warm Air Blowing – Warm air coming through the vents instead of cool air is typically indicative of a capacitor or contactor issue. These repairs are often very simple and cost effective on most air conditioning systems that have been properly maintained or are not more than 15 years old.
  • High Utility Bills – Reasons that an air conditioning can cause a spike in energy bills can be leaking ductwork and advancing age of the unit. When ducts are kinked or leaking, it causes inefficient cooling and homeowners set the system lower to achieve cool air. This taxes the system further, causing high utility bills and potentially damaging the air conditioning system.


    • Signs of a Leak –  If water is pooling near the condenser or condensate line, it could be excess condensation indicating a simple clogged line. If refrigerant is leaking, it may be a larger issue such as a leak in the coil. This requires expert air conditioning diagnosis from a professional.
    • Age – As air conditioning units age, homeowners should take special care to maintain the system. If there are no frequent repairs, the system is probably in great shape. However, if things begin breaking down leading to multiple repairs each season, it could be time to consider upgrading to a new high efficiency air conditioning system.

    Air Conditioning Maintenance

    The wisest investment, aside form a quality system, a homeowner can make is routine maintenance. Annual air conditioning maintenance visits can extend the life of the system and maintain the manufacturer warranty.

    The best time to schedule with one of our air conditioning specialists is early spring. This can ensure homeowners will have a working system before they need it most. If the air conditioner is old or inefficient, our team can recommend a high quality replacement. We work on all major brands of air conditioners, are licensed, and are committed to your home comfort.

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    $50 Off Air Conditioning Repair Or $100 Off Air Conditioning Installation

    Must mention the coupon when scheduling, this coupon can not be combined with another coupon

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