Gas Furnace Repair

Gas Furnace Repair

If You Need a Gas Furnace Repair, Call One Of Our Experts!

The stigma of gas heaters in the home is long gone because with the way that furnace technology has advanced, they are just as safe as electric and more energy efficient. With the average gas furnace lasting around 20 years, we are able to say with confidence that a gas heater in your home is a great choice to make. Gas furnaces, just like anything else, will need to have proper care and maintenance to work for as long as possible. A gas furnace repair is just a phone call away though because, when you need a gas furnace repair in Houston, TX, we are the ones for you.

Our team of plumbing contractors are here to make sure that you are comfortable in your home and that if you need a gas furnace repair, that we will be there for you as quickly as possible to get the problem solved. A common issue that happens with a gas furnace is that the pilot light may give you trouble once in a while. Usually, if the pilot light is yellow or doesn’t turn on at all, it is time to call Got Flow Plumbing & AC Services at (832) 924-7008.

Do You Need a Gas Furnace Repair?

Energy Bill – If you are seeing a rise in your energy bill, but you haven’t noticed any other changes that you have been making, it may be because your gas furnace is in need of a repair of some kind. When something is wrong, your furnace will work overtime to try to compensate and end up raising your bill while not providing you the quality you want.

Noises – Typically, if any machine in your home is making loud, strange noises, that’s not a good sign. Sometimes small critters get into our duct work or furnaces and cause a commotion or parts are coming loose; either way they need to be taken care of.

Pilot Light – Your pilot light is what keeps your furnace working. Sometimes these go out and if you are not confident in relighting it or do not know how, shoot us a phone call, and we will get it re-lite it for you right away.

If you need a gas furnace repair in Houston, TX, do not hesitate to call the excellent plumbers at Got Flow Plumbing & AC Services. Our phone number is (832) 924-7008.