Houston Air Conditioning

Air Conditioner Services in Houston Texas 

We are the experts in Houston air conditioning, heating, and more. The team of HVAC experts at Got Flow have the knowledge to diagnose and repair all minor to major air conditioning issues with expertise. Additionally, our techs have the expertise on how to select and install new AC systems, along with heating, plumbing, and drain cleaning services.

Houston Air Conditioning

It is no secret that summers in Houston, TX are hot no matter what area you live in: suburbs, downtown, River Oaks, Jersey Village. It is important you and your family have access to a top notch air conditioning team you can rely every day of the year, as well as a team you can call on during emergencies. An AC breakdown in the middle of summer is one of the worst times to grab a phone book or search the web to find someone who can make it to your Houston home, even in traffic. You want an AC company who is worthy of your trust, is reliable, can address the issue quickly, and is just a phone call away. Got Flow Services is also licensed for AC repairs and have worked in the Houston and surrounding areas for years. Contact our team whenever you need:

AC Maintenance – Your air conditioning system is a highly complex piece of machinery. As such, it needs professional maintenance at least one time a year to keep it running effectively. Your entire cooling system may even need more maintenance when considering factors such as usage, number of occupants in the home, pets, allergy needs, smokers, and more. The Got Flow team can do it all from basic maintenance to even diagnosing a major issue before it occurs.
AC Repairs – Your current air conditioning unit may get the job done, but it needs the occasional repair or two to keep it working as it should. Our technicians know how to perform all repairs on most makes and models from refrigerant leaks to complex component replacement. As an added bonus, we also provide you with competitive, honest estimate before beginning any work.
New AC Selection & Installs – Are you building a new home in Houston or are sick of shelling out to fix your constantly breaking down air conditioner? We will help you select the best make and model for your property that we know has stood the test of Houston heat. Additionally, we can also professionally install the new cooling unit and promise to leave your home just as we found it. Finally, we also offer warranties for parts, labor, and will always stand by our work.

Houston Heating

We all know the summers in Houston can be hot without the right AC system, but our winters can also bring their share uncomfortable cold temperatures. The cold only lasts for part the year, but no one wants to spend it freezing. The Houston area commonly uses heat pumps and dual units to heat their homes. However, Got Flow can help out those who use a furnace or other type of heating in their homes. Our services also include maintaining, repairing, replacing, and emergency services on heaters.

Houston Plumbing

Our years of experience in the Houston HVAC industry have allowed us to expand into top notch plumbing services from bathrooms to kitchens and all sorts of leaks. Be sure to contact us immediately whenever you face a plumbing issue involving:

  • Bidets and toilets
  • Sinks, showers, and faucets
  • Whole home water filtration as well as under the sink
  • Water heaters, both traditional and tankless
  • Drain cleaning and inspection
  • Water and sewer line repair and replacement

Houston Drain Cleaning

No matter how careful you are, your drains will eventually experience some type of clog and need cleaning. Common causes of blockage can range from clumps of hair to grease and even too much toothpaste can cause a clog. You’ll be aware of a clog when the drain takes a long time to work or fails to drain at all. You want to make sure to get clogged drains cleared up quickly in order to avoid damaging the pipes and possibly water damage to your home. Many clogs tend to build up over time which puts undue stress on pipes and drains. Have one of our licensed Houston plumbers fix your clogged drains quickly and efficiently.

Houston Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, and More

Finally, we are an HVAC company based in Pasadena that also serves the Houston, League City, Pearland, and other areas. Contact us today if you need our help with any of the above.

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