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Air Conditoner Parts

Make Sure You Are Changing Your Air Filters Regularly.

In a place that gets as hot as Texas, there is no excuse for you to live without a well-working air conditioning unit. Whether it be central air or a unit in the wall, here at Got Flow Plumbing & AC Services, we make sure that you are always comfortable in your own home. Your A/C unit needs to be always running its best and in order to do that, all of its parts need to be up to date and working the proper way. When parts start to lag or break on your unit, it makes the other parts have to work twice as hard or harder just to get the same job done. Even at that point, the quality of air that you are getting is not as good. That is where the professionals come in. It is best that if you end up needing air conditioner parts, that you call us right away so we can send someone out to do an inspection. Once that is done, we can determine if you need just a part or if you will end up needing an air conditioner replacement. Our goal is to get your air conditioning unit working its best, while keeping the price point as affordable as possible. When you need air conditioner parts in Houston, TX, call our experts at (832) 924-7008 and let us help you right away.

Parts That We Service

Sometimes air conditioners go out from age and sometimes it’s just that a part needs a quick replacement. A few signs that you may need to replace an A/C part would be if it is blowing hot air, it is making weird noises, and if the temperatures are not remaining consistent in your home. We carry many of the large named brands that you know and trust and will do whatever we can to make sure that we have the air conditioner parts that you need. Here are just a few of the parts that we service and can replace for you.

  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Circuit Boards
  • Control Boards
  • Pressure Switch
  • Belts
  • Condensing Coils
  • Filters
  • Thermostats
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condenser
  • And many more!

Give us a call at (832) 924-7008 and let us know when you need air conditioner parts in Houston, TX. Our plumbers are trained and ready to go whenever you are so that you can always feel confident that the job gets done right the first time.