What Is A Slab Leak?


Slab Leaks Can End Up Causing Severe Damage To a Home.

Slab leaks are extremely unpleasant, but not particularly common. To assist you, we’ve taken the time to go over what a slab leak is, and how you can find one quickly. So what is a slab leak in Houston, TX? In the most basic terms, a slab leak can be described as a leak within the house’s slab. The foundation is in danger of developing further problems as the leak gets worse. We are leak repair professionals at Got Flow Plumbing & AC Services, and we’re more than glad to help you pinpoint and solve the problem. Order the plumbing services you want now by contacting us at (832) 924-7008! There are certain things that can display the existence of a slab leak beneath your home.

Indications of a Leak

Though we consider ourselves to be great plumbers, we can’t prevent the earth from moving around your slab, so slab leaks are sometimes entirely unavoidable. Slab damage can vary depending on the climate and the soil variety surrounding the home. One soil variety that is particularly known for expanding or contracting, is clay. Your easiest approach to these stressful issues is to keep an eye on the water bill for any discrepancies. Any abrupt increases in your water bill are one of the first indications of a slab leak. Slab leak detection professionals are capable of pinpointing slab leaks with efficient, non-invasive procedures.

Leak Repair Specialists

There are plenty of plumbing services that the professionals at Got Flow Plumbing & AC Services can assist you with. We are consistently available to handle your plumbing concerns. A slab leak is something that can destroy your home and end up causing major issues to your house. It is very important that if you start to suspect signs of a slab leak, that you call someone out right away. Even if the problem has not gotten very big, it needs to be stopped quickly or it will only get worse and the damage will just grow. When you have slab leak issues in Houston, TX, make sure to rely on our expert plumbers for speedy and budget-friendly service. Call (832) 924-7008 to talk to an expert technician today!