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Why You Should Clean Condenser Coils

Why You Should Clean Condenser Coils

Your AC system has a tough job. You should clean condenser coils to make it easier. The unit has been working overtime during the summer to keep you and your family comfortable. The passage time of ensures that extenuating circumstances will affect its performance. One of those is buildup on the condenser coils. Keep your unit running as efficiently as possible by performing regular condenser coil cleaning.

1. Inspect the Condenser Coils

Begin by visually inspecting the coils for any noticeable debris damage. You will find them on your outdoor unit covering the fan. You may also see debris on the sides of the unit as well. This debris should be easy to reach, remove, and should not involve you coming into contact with the inside of the unit. Place a call to a trusted HVAC professional if you see significant damage. It may not be safe for you to clean condenser coils.

2. Clean Condenser Coils

Remove any small to large pieces of debris with a coil brush after you’ve inspected the coils. You may use a simple paint brush or anything with bristles thin enough to get in between the coils. Debris may include items such as tall grass, dirt, and excessive leaves. All of these can hinder your air conditioner’s performance. The practice can be hazardous as it makes the unit run harder and for longer.

3. Hose Down the Condenser Coils

Homeowners can also wash down their exterior condenser coils with a garden hose in the spring. Keep an eye on the debris and monitor during summer. The condenser has the compressor inside. Check the bottom of the unit to see how much dirt is coming from under. Continue to hose the unit down until the water is clear.

4. Straighten the Coil Fins

Over time coil fins on the condenser can bend thanks to circumstances such as hail, outdoor furniture, toys, contact with the unit, etc. Use a fin comb to straighten them out if you notice your coil fins are bent. You can purchase one at your local hardware store or online. The malleable prongs are designed to straighten as well as removing hard-to-reach debris in between small crevices. Some even come with brushes designed to perform step #2.

5. Use Products

Products exist to help you clean your condenser coils. These include specialty cleaners, and you can even use degreaser for oil or grease stains. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label concerning application and removal.

Be sure to monitor your unit when starting up to be sure everything is working normally.

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